Community Center

We understand that it is our community who support us, and we rely on you to survive and thrive. We have deep roots in Wilkes, and wouldn't have it any other way. When you shop and support local, that money is kept in our town, our county. It pays our employees who live five maybe ten minutes down the road, & it goes back into our community, our schools, our greenway, our trails and river systems. We are here to grow, and to learn what we can do better to be better. We know, when in Wilkes County, it's Family First, Family Always, and you are our Family. Thank you for helping us survive and thrive.


For the most current community events take a look at the North Wilkesboro Community Calendar. Link below.


James W. Cook Memorial Scholarship

This annual scholarship is presented to a male and female athlete at one of the county's four traditional high schools - West Wilkes, Wilkes Central, North Wilkes, and East Wilkes on a rotational basis. Coaches of the designated high school with students to be chosen will make the selections. 

Good sportsmanship and selflessness reflect the values of the late James Cook, who died December 22, 2018.  

The Cook Family has always supported the local community, and the James W. Cook Memorial Scholarship is a shining example of the family and store's belief in sportsmanship and putting team before self. 


Congratulations to our 1st Scholarship recipients Austen Absher & Lyric Ryan in 2019

2020 recipients of the James W. Cook Memorial Scholarship Anna Phillips & Alex Ruvalcaba


The year of 2020, of Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions was a year unlike any other. With the uncertainty and unprecedented hard times in our community, Cook's came together with Wilkes County Hardware and our community. In an effort to support our local Samaritans Kitchen, we launched a campaign to raise over $5000; an amount that was able to fill one 18 wheeler of food that fed over 40 families for 2 weeks! This campaign would not have been possible if not supported by our local businesses and community.