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Produced by a team of skilled designers and printers, The Landmark Project is an ongoing venture to create apparel inspired by iconic outdoor destinations.
Personal Story
The Landmark Project build their brand on stories, collections of their favorite times in the wilderness. But they also love the memories of people who share these outdoor spaces. The Landmark Project is a relatable brand, bringing back the nostalgia of adventure and preserving the special community they enjoy outside.
Better Design
Inspired to put a modern twist on the golden age of travel design, they apply classic illustration study to memorable landscapes. They begin each concept with time in the field: photographing, sketching, and drafting their stories from the perfect perspectives. This attention to detail prevails in printing and packaging the goods they create.
Giving Back
The Landmark Project want to build a culture of makers and doers in the outdoor industry by encouraging fellow outdoor enthusiasts to apply their passions to their trade. They also believe that kids should have the chance to discover the great outdoors. Their apparel helps sponsor under-resourced youth to discover life in the natural world through rafting, climbing and camping trips. Each Landmark Project purchase helps give the gift of the outdoors to those who can’t make it on their own. 

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