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Easton has built a familiar and trustworthy name in the Mako line of baseball bats. With the reliable Thermo Composite Technology and low swing weights, Mako baseball bats have returned for the player that is looking for a high performing bat to work for them.

The YB16MK12 is a 2-piece, composite balanced bat. The barrel of the Mako YB16MK12 youth bat is composed of Easton’s exclusive Thermo Composite Technology (TCT for short). This is the same material used on previous Mako models, but has been slightly updated for increased strength and reduced weight. In the handle, you will find a stiff, composite material to help dampen vibrations from the barrel and increase whip at contact.

Connecting the 2 ¼” barrel to the handle is Easton’s CXN connection band. This band is the same one found in previous 2-piece baseball bats from Easton. The CXN band has done such an effective job reducing the vibration from the barrel to the handle that Easton continues to include it on the YB16MK12 bat. Wrapping the handle is Easton’s Hyperskin 1.2mm grip, which provides a thin layer of comfort. The balanced weight distribution and low swing weight of the YB16MK12, makes it easier to get the bat through the zone quickly and efficiently – perfect for the youth player just starting in baseball.

The YB16MK12 is the ideal bat for the serious baseball player, looking to get the most out of his/her bat with the use of advanced materials and innovative technology.